4th Ward Issues 

This page will feature current issues that face our 4th Ward neighborhoods in particular.  Please check back often to keep abreast of the most local of issues, and by all means let me know if you'd like updates on issues that are not listed below.

For updates on issues affecting our entire township (budget, staffing, etc.), click on the "Radnor" tab above.

AMTRAK Electrification ProjectAmtrak is planning a major overhaul of its transmission lines from the zoo area to Paoli, which will affect many Radnor neighborhoods that border the Amtrak lines.  The design phase of the project has begun and will last until 2014, and construction is estimated to take place from 2015 to 2020.  Click here for information that Amtrak presented in Radnor about the project in May of 2013:http://www.radnor.com/egov/docs/1370012079_609191.pdf

Information on Villanova's Campus Plan 

Villanova will be in front of the Board of Commissioners once again on September 23, 2013 with their latest version of an ordinance to change zoning on their campus so as to redevelop the south side of Rt. 30 with new dorms, parking and an arts center.  Click here to access a comprehensive listing of what they have submitted to date, as well as a time line of the process thus far and all that has occurred:  http://www.radnor.com/egov/docs/1362586495558.htm 

 Below is an excerpt from Chris Kovolski at Villanova University.

"Villanova University  seeks to increase satisfaction among students and parents by providing additional on-campus housing, thereby bringing more students and their vehicles onto campus and out of the surrounding neighborhoods. The University's design concept would create residential housing for approximately 1,160 junior and senior undergraduate students on its current main parking lots along Route 30/Lancaster Avenue. These residences will be complemented by a limited amount of University-operated, student-centric retail including a new University Bookstore, Convenience Store and Villanova Bistro. The proposed plans for this area also include a parking structure to accommodate approximately 1,800 vehicles and a Performing Arts Center to support Villanova Theatre, Student Theatre, and related campus programs. This project will not lead to an increase in undergraduate student enrollment." 

"For More information on this project please visit the following link:   http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/president/initiatives/masterplan/ResidenceHallDevelopment.html"


Ithan Valley Park Clean-Up May 2010 

On Friday, May 14th, many 4th Ward neighbors and the RMS Watershed students came together for a community clean-up of one of our only 4th Ward parks – Ithan Valley Park.  The event was a great sucess -- we  laid new chips to extend the path, removed vines and invasives, and worked on streambank restoration.  See pictures below:



Changes in Trash Service

Trash service in Radnor changed in February, 2010.  In short, we no longer have rear-yard pick up -- all trash items need to be brought to the curb -- and we have changed over to single stream recycling.  Single stream recycling means that you can co-mingle all of your recyclable items in one container (including paper) and many more items are suitable for recycling than under our old system. 

Your regular trash day did not change, however your recyling day has changed.  If you receive Monday trash service, your recylcling pick up is now Thursday.  If you receive Tuesday trash service, your recycling day is now Friday.  Wednesdays are now yard waste pick up days.

If you still desire or need rear-yard trash service, it is available for a fee.  The fee went up for 2011 and it is now $  420 a year.

Please click on the following link to learn more about these changes:  http://www.radnor.com/egov/docs/1262031269475.htm

Goshen Road REOPENED


In early March 2010, PennDot closed Goshen Road for significant road improvement work.  The goal of the project was to take the curve out of Goshen – the historic bridge was not involved in this aspect of the work (however, the bridge was repaired simultaneously under a second project).  In early August, 2011 the road reopened.  We are negotiating with PennDoT to improve the appearance of the finished project with tree and vegetation planting.

In the weeks following the re-opening, our Traffic Safety Division has sent increased speed patrols to monitor the speed and volume of traffic of the new road.  

Agnes Irwin Redevelopment

The Agnes Irwin School has begun the improvements on their Radnor Campus.  Basically, they are replacing the main gym with an expanded cafeteria area and a new gym.  In addition,they will be modifying the parking area in front of the main gym by making it deeper and moving the tennis courts. 

Construction is estimated to run for about 18 months.  They will have one construction entrance off of Ithan Ave.  In addition to the stormwater and other measures they are required to do, they are also planning to put in a green roof and various rain gardens.